Hello! My name is Amit Prjapati and I am an independent developer making a living from web & software development, website flipping, freelancing & stock photograpy.

I work with individuals, providing quality development services. Currently I am self employed and making all my income online. Believe me it is my best job ever!

I am working hard to make a steady income and I can help you to find your way for making money online as a developer.

I don’t know any magic formula to make huge money without any work involved but I will help you to find income sources and tell you how to work smarter (based on my personal experience).

If you need help with your website/software development or increasing your online income please email on a_c_prajapati@yahoo.co.in


I have experience in different type of application during my job.

Online DVD Rental Solution : We have provide following functionality.

  • Movie rental
  • Shipping / cash on delivery
  • Games / 3d Blu ray rental
  • Send form Algorithm
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Customizable Pages
  • Trailer management
  • TV series Rental
  • Social media integration
  • Hardware integration


Jewelry Ecommerce Software : We have provide following functionality.

  • Design jewelry online – rings, earrings, pendants
  • Slider based diamond search
  • Jewelry ecommerce website design
  • Calculation of labour charges
  • Website integration with like GIA, rapnet etc.
  • Diamond compare feature
  • Stock, sales, inventory reports
  • Multiple payment methods,currencies
  • Cross-selling and upselling of products
  • Customizable shopping cart

Content Management System : We have provide following functionality.

  • Dynamic Menu
  • Customize Page
  • Add Flash Files
  • Manage Image Gallery
  • Link Checker Functionality
  • Manage News
  • Manage Career


Classified System : We have provide following functionality.

  • Seller can upload item for sell.
  • Buyer can see all the uploaded item, search item, contact to seller by email, report to silohay about any item by email.
  • Seller can upload free ads as well as he can pay for some search functionality.
  • Email notification for any error to silohay. And Email notification for created, published and deleted ad to seller.
  • Between Seller and Buyer have Email communication with email ID confidential.
  • Display data on scroll events as like Facebook.



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